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What next??:

We had done only two or three events with the ride but were pleased with the potential of it. We attended a two day event on the 9th 10th July 2011.

Everything went smoothly and the public loved the ride, they loved the fact that adults could ride too. On the 10th.
the last day of the event unfortunately the ride developed a knocking sound it went faster as the ride picked up speed and went slower as it reduced speed. It wasn't loud at first but did begin to get louder.

I shut down the ride and had a look inside, I had my wife operate it while I examined the motor, gear reducer and drive shaft, after all there isn't much to it. I could not determine what the problem was and so decided to look at it when I got home.

My son and I set the ride up at the first opportunity I had and without going into detail I discovered that the key (a long piece of metal that fits into a "keyway" on the drive shaft of the gear reducer) was missing if it was ever installed that is. Anyhow my son looked around and he finds it way over in a corner of the ride.

Meanwhile I take the pulley wheel off and give it a cleaning, might as well do some maintenance while I have it opened up I thought.

The pulley wheel is cleaned and the key is relocated in the keyway the pulley wheel is reinstalled and just before I put the belts on I just check the pulley wheel for play. Low and behold it has considerable play!

I get a micrometer and I measure the drive shaft coming out of the gear reducer that the pulley wheel fits on then I measure the inside diameter of the bore in the center of the pulley wheel. Surprise, surprise the bore/hole is 1.5mm larger than the drive shaft on which it sits.

Long story short I order a new pulley wheel with an adjustable bushing and the problem is solved the ride now runs quietly. But wait I took photos of the pulley wheel which came with the ride from the manufacturer Fun Attractions USA Corp. you know the NEW ride I purchased. Check out these images and tell me how new this pulley wheel looks to you?

I must keep reminding you to keep in mind that this is a NEW ride since it is easy to think that it isn't. 

Below is the pulley wheel that came with the ride you know, the one that didn't fit!

This is video of the pulley wheel, in it I incorrectly said Saturday 10 and Sunday 09th of July (2011) what I should have said is Saturday 09 and Sunday 10 July.

Click on the images to enlarge them.
Now compare the above to the new replacement pulley wheel I purchased and installed. Spot the difference?:
There are more issues I am dealing with such as seatbelt quality and effectiveness and the speed control system.
To summerize:
I have pretty well rebuilt this ride from the ground up replacing poor quality and ineffective parts, having welds and electrical parts and wiring replaced and brought up to the required safety compliance standards and beyond in some cases.
What I find really strange about this whole affair is the stance taken by Poretskin. Why would any business owner jeopordize his or his companies reputation by first, selling a product in this condition and secondly, refusing to make good on his promise? From a business perspective it just doesn't make any sense.
Originally I had fully intended to be an agent for Poretskins rides and sell them in Canada. I was actually looking forward to the opportunity, that of course will not happen now.
How would I rate this manufacturer Steven Poretskin of Fun Attractions USA Corp. - Magical Enterprises Inc. on a scale of 0 to 10?
Communication = 3
Customer service = 0
Product Quality = 0 (big fat zero)
Attention to detail = 0
Safety = 0
Product description, disclosure, and product information literature = 0
I am not the only customer that has had this type experience with this manufacturer Dr. Steven Poretskin of Fun Attractions USA Corp. - Magical Enterprises Inc.
See what Bill, and Terri Snedeger of Happy Times Party Rentals Victorville, CA had to deal with when they purchased a Mechanical Bull from Steven Poretskin of Fun Attractions USA Corp. - Magical Enterprises Inc. of Toms River New Jersey, USA
If you have had a similar experience please contact me at 250 756 9821