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Inspecting the Ride (Engineer):

Engineers report:




You can well imagine how I felt receiving this information on my NEW ride. This information was given to me verbally by the engineer when onsite and then followed up with the above written report a copy of which was sent to the manufacturer Poretskin of Fun Attractions -Magical Enterprises.

The work I had to carry out in order to comply was overwhelming, but somehow I got through it, i guess it was by sheer determination. I had the first seat welded so that I could take images and get them to the engineer Craig.

Here is the first weld that was completed for that purpose as you can see based on the images on the previous page there is no comparison in the original welds and this one, it is much stronger and complete:

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The engineer said the weld looked so much more professional and that if I completed all the deficiencies then he would re-inspect the ride but it had to be done before the end of May because he was going to Europe and we were already in May. I had cancelled four contracts since the ride could not be operated and now I had to complete all the work required for compliance.

My son, a retired welder friend and I immediately began to dismantle the ride, all seats were removed and taken to a relatives house where we would grind all the existing welds ready for re-welding by a professional welder. 

Below are images of each stage of this operation:

Seat posts have had the welds ground down and await delivery to the welding shop.
Seat posts now re-welded are primed and painted by my wife and I:

Next my son and I install the seats using the new fasteners and ensuring everything is strictly to code here you see the completely overhauled seats with new and correct fasteners and re-welded, re-painted frames waiting to be assembled onto the ride:
In order to fast forward a little I finally received my engineers stamp of approval and I arranged an inspection with the BC Safety Authority inspector Wayne Callender the inspections was for Friday 27 May 2011 if the ride failed I would lose another contract that I was due to do the following day on the 28 May. 
The inspector arrived on time I was putting the perimeter fence up when low and behold the manufacturer hadn't sent enough feet for the fence, now there's a surprise. I sent my wife immediately to the fabrication shop to have some made . The inspector said that because I had more than half the fence erected he could see that the intent was there on my part. Phew so far so good.
The inspector passed the ride with a couple of minor compliance issues to attend to but said I could operate it and he placed the sticker on the ride.
Happy ending right?
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