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Inspecting the Ride (Electrical):

The electrical inspector is a registered inspector for INTERTEK who are authorized to do inspections and approvals for Canadian Standards Association (CSA) on a wide number of products.

The bottom line on his visit was that he condemned the electrical on the Dixie Twister Swing Ride. The motor, fuse receptacles, breakers, foot switch (operator presence switch) on operating control station, the emergency stop button (which didn't work anyway), wiring were all failed because they were not CSA approved or the wiring insulation cover did not meet requirements. Further the foot switch was not waterproof as it is required to be.

Inspectors report two pages.


Below are before and after images
As it came with the ride straight from the manufacturer (Click to enlarge images)

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After new emergency switch installed and correct markings placed on switches. And after new operator presence (foot) switch and power supply cord is installed.
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The wiring was not to code because of inadequate insulation cover and also had to be stripped out and rewired. There were no bushings on the electrical panel where the wiring entered and exited the metal panel, wires could be chaffed on the sharp metal of the cabinet and expose the wires which could result in shorting out.

The wire cable to the operator control panel (which was too short anyway) was not sufficiently insulated. The cable/wire from the operators control box was a) too short b) not CSA approved and c) had an unknown plug on power end which also had the ground pin missing.

The bottom line on all this was an electrical bill of over $2200.00Canadian for parts and labour to bring the ride to code for the electrics and a secondary inspection fee. Plus it put me back another week+ in my scheduling and involved a great deal of my labour.