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Insuring the ride for the highway: 
More hassles. 
As I mentioned earlier the ride is a vehicle and therefore has to be registered as such and must be licensed and insured for the highway. 
Off I go to my insurance broker who tells me she has to view the V.I.N. (Vehicle Identification Number) which she tells me should be on the ride somewhere visible. Now Poretskin did say early in the process that the plate would be sent to me. I asked continuously during the period I was assembling the ride via phone and email for the VIN. 
I asked for the VIN Plate on these occasions:
23 Feb 2011
14 Mar 2011 (urgent message sent)

On 15 Mar 2011 Poretskin sent an email to his manager (Linda) in China asking her to help me. She emailed me and asked me to send a picture of the VIN plate that I needed. I responded by saying I could not photograph that which I did not have!
I sent her an image of a typical VIN Plate and Poretskin sent her an email telling her what to have engraved/stamped on it.
I would like to point out here that time was of the essence since I hade contractual obligations for the ride beginning in May 2011. 
I finally received the VIN Plate on 31 March 2011 after requesting it for two months. PROBLEM when it did arrive it had the wrong number on it there was a zero missing the V.I.N is FADTSR2110122003 here is what I received

I waited yet another week to receive the new plate with the CORRECT V.I.N. number on it.
What I find interesting is Poretskin has divulged to me verbally and in writing that he has shipped these rides to other countries Canada included and that he has manufactured over 30 of them. Yet the V.I.N. number on my ride which was allegedly manufactured on 22 Jan 2011 ends in "003". Generally ID numbers run conseculatively as they are manufactured would it not follow that my ride should end with 031 or higher depending on how many he really made.
So much for that. However, when you bring a vehicle into Canada you also need the ORIGINAL Certificate of origin SIGNED by the manufacturer. Now I didn't receive one although Poretskin insists that he sent it so its anyone guess where it went. That aside I did then ask for the original in order to get the ride insured for the road. I waited a further 10 days in order to get it.
Here is an image of the UNSIGNED COPY of the Certificate of origin for the ride.

Poretskin had insisted repeatedly that this is a trailer and not a vehicle try telling that to a cop when being pulled over. This again is a very strange claim from a manufacturer that claims to have shipped this Dixie Twister Swing Ride into Canada in the past. Yes it is a trailer and yes it is a vehicle it travels on the highway and needs insurance it is a vehicle. The importation of vehicles into Canada is governed by the Registration of Imported Vehicles 
The ride was finally insured for the highway on 13 April 2011 now I could finally move it from my driveway and into a lock up under cover. The next task was to get it running, have an electrician on hand to assist and to then order an electrical inspection and have an engineer do a Non Destructive Test on the ride (which the manufacturer recommends even though he will not accept the results of said inspection) so that I could get the inspector from the BC Safety Authority to inspect the ride and issue my operators permit.

The Worst Is Yet To Come:
After weeks (from February 14 to April 15) of constant set backs and additional costs for this NEW ride. I finally felt positive that my troubles were over and I could get the necessary inspections and approvals done and be ready for my first contracted events beginning in May 2011.
I phoned a local electrical contractor and asked him to meet me while I set up the ride. I didn't have a generator and so I asked him to bring his. My idea was to have the electrical inspector arrive at the same time. Things don't always go as planned, this I was getting used to.
The inspector couldn't come the same day and so I decided to set it up anyway in order to get the ride working, after all I hadn't yet seen it operate even though I had owned it for over two months and was at this time about a month behind my schedule through no fault of my own. 
I set up the ride and the electrician brought his generator I extended the cable to the operator control panel and plugged it in we did get the ride operating briefly but because of the rain we were forced shut it down. At the time we didn't put the fence up because we were on private property and there was just the two of us. I did make a mental note that the cord extending from the ride to the operator control panel seemed rather short in length.
A couple of days later I went to the lock up and measured the cable, which was 14'-2" a simple math calculation confirms that the cord was not long enough to reach the operator control box which is supposed to be placed outside of the perimeter safety fence at least three feet away from the swings when they are at full speed.

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Here is an image of the electric panel Note the rust on this NEW ride electrical panel.