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May 2013 Update!


Since obtaining my judgement against Fun Attractions USA Corp et al and their agent Steven Proteskin also known as Doctor Steven Poretskin.

I have been busy sending the Toms River, NJ Sheriff to defendants home and business, not that I take any pleasure in it I would much prefer he act responsible and honour his word and his obligations, and settle his debt which is growing.

From these current actions, it appears defendant would prefer to pump money into the legal profession than make good on his debt. What kind of conclusions do people draw from his actions in this matter after viewing all the information on this site? 

Results by me to attach to defendants assets so far have been ineffective as defendant seems to be a master of avoidance when it comes to these matters of judgment claims, no doubt he has gained a lot of experience over the years from the various judgments against him by others. However, I have many more options open to me which I have not yet tapped into.


In February 2013 I received the following hand written letter (dated Jan 29 2013) from Defendant Poretskin:

 The letter is an attempt by defendant to have my judgement dismissed alleging he didn't receive notification of judgement hearing and attempting to claim jurisdiction in NJ. and to halt my enforcement efforts against him in NJ. 

This sudden response by the defendant is no doubt the result of the Sheriff showing up at his business and home addresses. Prior to that, I don't think the defendant realized that a Canadian could gain the authority to compel US judicial services to move against him and his company.  

Defendant hired a lawyer here in Nanaimo, BC and I was served notice of a hearing in my home town Nanaimo, BC.  Below is a copy of the notice of hearing set for April 24th 2013 and a letter I received from defendants lawyer in Nanaimo Mr. Greg Phillips. (There is more to this as a side issue which I won't go into at this time)

Copy of Notice to set aside hearing

Letter from Lawyer Greg Phillips to me
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Unfortunately for defendants lawyer, the defendant provided him with information that had no bearing on fact. I therefore responded with a letter to the defendants lawyer.

At the hearing on April 24 in Nanaimo the judge was definitely not pleased with the defendants claim via his lawyer Greg Phillips that he was not served, as I had followed all requirements of procedure in this matter. The judge temporarily set aside my judgment (although it still stands until proved otherwise) on two conditions which was really a good outcome for me because regardless of whether or not the defendant complies, it now opens up a whole new area and increased amount of claims for me for punitive and aggravated damages.

The two conditions are that the Defendant must pay me directly and immediately $900.00 to compensate me for my costs of enforcement's since I received my judgment in June of 2012 and to pay within 60 days $12,580.28 to be held by the court and 14 additional days for defendant to reply.


I should mention that I have given defendant numerous opportunities to settle this amicably and without him having to pay the legal profession, he has so far ignored my offers.