The Product



Does this fit the description
of a NEW carnival Ride?

What about Safety?

YOU be the Judge!

The Product Sucks website I created in order to allow people to see the experiences I have encountered with the purchase of an allegedly NEW carnival ride which I purchased in good faith from Fun Attractions USA Corp.-Magical Enterprises Inc. of Toms River New Jersey. I say allegedly because I purchased it on the understanding that it was a new ride and the manufacturer to this day insists it is a new ride. 

I wanted to ensure that people didn't have to go through the same experience that I encountered, and to help in some way to ensure that quality and safety standards are kept at a level that will ensure the safety of all and in particular our children.

I also wanted to let people know that dealing on the internet is hazardous and due care and attention should always be the watchword. Even for me whom I consider to be a seasoned professional when it comes to buying and selling through the internet. I only say this because I have carried on business for 18 years buying selling and exporting products all over the world.

The contents of these pages speak for themselves, I hope you take the time to peruse them and I hope you gain some benefit from them.  If you do I urge you to please pass the link to my website around to people you know.

If you have had a similar experience with this manufacturer please contact me 250 756 9821

Terry Hand