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of a NEW carnival Ride?

What about Safety?

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Its a fun ride NOW! 

But it sure didn't arrive that way.

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An alleged NEW ride which I was forced to invest another $12,000 (update January 2013 that figure is now closer to $20,000) and countless hours in order to meet the provincial and federal Safety standards


Oh! I should mention, I am not the only one who had this type of experience with this manufacturer. click to read and view the movie HERE

  SUCCESS of 20 June 2012

20 June 2012 BC Court awards me a judgment against Fun Attractions and agent Steven Poretskin!
Update Oct. 2013 After defendant made attemtpt to have my judgment dismissed by way of choice of law clause in the contract my judgment was dismissed for lack of jurisdiction andmy  subsequentjudgement filed  in Nrew jersey was Vacated 07 november 2014. these are both points of law regarding procedure and jurisdiction but does not negate the facts on this website in two years and six court appearances I have never had the opportunity to present my over 100 plus pages of evidence and physical evidence in this regard to a judge which goes to show that court is not always the best place to obtain justice.  


What follows on these pages is a point by point description of the events (and costs) which I encountered in regards to an alleged NEW Carnival Ride called the Dixie Twister Swing Ride, which I purchased January 2011 in good faith from the manufacturer Steven Poretskin of:

Fun Attractions USA Corp - Magical Enterprises Inc.
1 South Main Street Building B
Toms River, New Jersey 08757
Tel: 732-286-7860 Cell: 732-684-5502 (Update Aug 2012 It appears this link has been infected with some kind of virus I suspect by the owner because of the exposure I have been giving him. I have therefore deactivated it for your safety and have replaced it with his new website link

Before I proceed, I must point out in all fairness that the Dixie Twister Swing Ride was produced originally by a company out of Fayetteville, GA USA called Dixieland Fun Machines which produced the Dixie Twister Swing Ride under the name (DragonFly) for many years and as I understand it many of these rides are still in service throughout the USA and operating fine.

I was told by Steven Poretskin that he had purchased the design and the rights to produce the Dixie Twister Swing Ride from the original manufacturer.

My decision to purchase the ride from Fun Attractions wasn't made in a hurry, on the contrary I had actually been in contact with the manufacturer (hereinafter also referred to as "Poretskin", or "FA") via phone and email since 2008. I began to get serious about purchasing it in September 2010 and resumed dialogue with Poretskin in September -October of 2010.

I did due diligence searches of him and his company on the internet, I requested referrals (one of which I now believe is his friend) and followed up on them, I even traced his website through the internet archives to make sure it was not a newly created company.

I asked many questions because being in the amusement industry for 18 years I was concerned that the ride would meet all local (that is to say Canadian and particularly British Columbia) Safety standards and requirements.

This I had told Poretskin many times, he had responded saying "that the ride adhered to all the required codes", he stated that the ride complied with ASTM
American Standards Testing Material) standards, in addition he had the ASTM logo on his paperwork/brochures which gave me some comfort. See Image:

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It is my opinion that the Dixie Twister Swing Ride which I purchased from Fun Attractions was not what was promised and was clearly a poorly manufactured piece of equipment with many safety issues which were confirmed by the engineer who carried out the NDT (Non Destructive Test) a compulsory requirement in British Columbia, Canada and I suspect in most jurisdictions of the USA. I have no idea whether or not the quality of the ride I purchased is indicative of all of the rides that are produced by Fun Attractions Inc., but even if only a small percentage of those produced are of similar quality then public safety would be a concern. You will see from professional engineers notes and report, as well as the notes and report of the electrical inspector. You will also see from Poretskins own recommendations, which he fails to comply with.

Lastly the manufacturer fails to follow through with his (written) promise to cover the cost of improvements required by law to comply with local safety requirements. I will go so far as to say that the [manufacturer] is in complete denial as to the facts and the inspection and safety reports etc. 

Here is the story as it unfolded please make note of the images I have provided below:

I had originally agreed with Poretskin that the ride which he builds in China allegedly under his supervision, would be shipped directly from China to Vancouver Port, BC via container and it was understood by me that I would have to do the assembly since the ride would need to be disassembled for shipping in a container.

However, just before I made the purchase and closed the deal, Poretskin told me he was shipping one to New Jersey , which he was going to put in a trade show that he would be attending and that he would make one for me which would be ready in April.

This didn't work for me since I told Poretskin earlier that I needed to be operational by mid April (the start of the season) and could not wait until he built another one. He then offered me the one that was allegedly on its way to New Jersey, on the condition that it would be in a container and I would have to assemble it. I had no problem assembling the ride and told him so.

Although after speaking with my freight forwarder It was clear that I could not ship it in a container since I had no means of getting it out of the container once it arrived at my door and so I told Poretskin that I would have to ship it on a flat bed truck he said he would let his staff know.

I purchased the ride by bank wiring the funds directly to Poretskins company bank account in January 2011 I had asked for an invoice prior, and then I contacted him because he had not disclosed on the invoice something I had requested.

I had requested that he would guarantee to reimburse me for any work that had to be carried out due to "non-compliance" in my local jurisdiction. Basically he had told me in a phone conversation that he would cover any cost if the ride for any reason didn't meet compliance regulations. Proteskin re-issued the invoice stating he would cover any non compliance issue costs. I therefore proceeded with the purchase for a NEW Dixie Twister Swing Ride.



Valentines Day 14 February 2011

After making all the arrangements with my freight company my broker and a local towing company for a crane I was ready and waiting for the delivery of my NEW ride, and of course a little excited because I had been looking at this ride for about five years back when the original creator used to make them in Georgia.

I expected a nice NEW shiny ride that I would build in about three days according to Poretskin. However, I was going to take about 10 days since I wanted to do a good job and if I could have it completed and approved by say the end of March, I may get some early bookings.

The flat bed truck arrived around 9:00am on a very wet Valentines day:

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First impressions:

As I began to unload the ride in the rain I began to get the impression that it was not a new ride. At first I told myself that maybe because of the rain (it was a most miserably day) it appeared that way and so dismissed the notion.

The crane came and lifted the central tower (body) of the ride and placed it upon my driveway, being a home based business I had nowhere else to put it. All of the parts were carefully placed around the back of my house on the deck.


I did note and take pictures of the ride body, since the triangular panels were missing screws or had lose screws sticking out a minor point, but I recorded it since I have learned from 18 years of importing goods that it doesn't do any harm to record any items that appear to be irregular.

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On closer inspection of the ride once the delivery truck had left. I noticed there was considerable rust on the main body of the ride. At first I concluded that the rust may have been the result of traveling from New Jersey to British Columbia in winter weather, but on closer examination it was clear that the rust was older and deeper than a simple top coating of rust on exposed areas due to scratches.

Remember this ride is allegedly NEW and the Vehicle Identification Plate (that's another story later) clearly states that the ride was manufactured 22 Jan 2011

These are just a few images of rust on the ride and the parts of the ride. Poretskin thinks this is normal and insists to this day it is a new ride. As you look through more of my images please note the condition of the parts. 

Assembling begins:

1)Wheels and Hubs.
As soon as the weather permitted I decided to begin the assembly. The first job was to check the axles and the wheels which were lose on arrival.

I removed the wheels one at a time and attempted to tighten up the hub nuts (crown nuts). I greased the hub bearing and tightened the first hub nut and then replaced the wheel.

Once I had tightened the wheel I tested it for play, to my surprise it had a lot of play and the wheel could be waggled from side to side easily. On further investigation I determined that the nut was running out of thread before it tightened. I then determined that there was no bearing thrust washer installed on that hub. It turned out that all four hubs were the same.

I went shopping (about an hour) and purchased bearing thrust washers installed them and that solved that problem. I should add that through this whole process I had sent emails containing images and reports of all the things I was encountering to Poretskin.